Privacy Policy

The Personal Information Collected:


Marmosetic Wolves collects information on how many times someone has ordered a digital ebook, m4a, or sellable digital goods.

We collect your name and your e-mail address so that we can contact you, send you news, and help you recover your password. This information is collected to send you things like our newsletter. Feel free to subscribe (or unsubscribe) at any time.


We also collect your name and e-mail address just in case you would like your account, forum posts, form submissions, or other physical things you’ve put on the website deleted, and deleted forever. We know the importance and impact of having an embarrassing footprint or leaving a terrible impression on the internet behind. It’s why being able for a website, such as ourselves, to fully delete that information is important.


Please note that you cannot sign up for an account without giving certain information.


We also collect your address just in case you bought an m4a or ebook from the shop, and those goods turn into physical goods in the future. There’s no point in buying an EP once in digital form and then having to buy it again in physical form for use in the car or stereo. Most people do enjoy digital, but other people enjoy physical objects -- like the smell of books.


As Marmosetic Wolf has had to, many times, buy a digital album more than once or twice because she lost the files and had no connection to the account she bought it on, it’s why it’s important for the ebooks to have the ability to be read on all readers and why the audio tracks need to have the ability to be heard on multiple devices.


We also need to have your addresses for our service, and because different areas of the world have different laws on digital goods. If we know where in the world you’re from, we’ll be able to abide by those laws and keep doing what we love to do: art.


Etsy is the service that Marmosetic Wolf chose for these sales and business purposes because, as far as we know, they have not been hacked as much as other services. Therefore, we feel secure with giving them control over your payments, necessary access to this website, and the ability to have personal information about our bank and bank account.

The Information Shared Is Up To You


The one, main third-party services we use are how we collect analytics, but we also use Stripe. If you don’t mind analytics, but do mind Stripe, don’t purchase from our online shop. You’re only asked those things by any website if you’re going to physically purchase something.


But, every website you visit collects analytics, and most websites, especially corporate ones, don’t care to understand how this affects others. It also affects them, their image, and how close they are or allow themselves to be with other people. This is dangerous. It’s why, at Marmosetic Wolves, we’ll continue to try to not become this huge, corporate machine.

Social Media


Human beings are tracked on social media. We learned that with Facebook, and there are several articles online that discuss how Twitter rewards bad behavior because of how people react to it. That’s why Marmosetic Wolf uses the outlets that she uses and uses them the way that she does.


With that being said, please know that if you have any weird feelings, questions, concerns, or any other comments, please e-mail Helena Antoinette Ortiz at


The internet has become the strangest place since our private information, and everyone having equal access to the internet, websites, and content was changed the way it was. Even though it was a dangerous place before, it’s become a lot more dangerous. This is why we care as much as we do about your privacy.


We’re internet users, too, and it takes our own self-respect to be able to respect and learn to understand the needs of our audience.

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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