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Disclaimer Of Information

This site and its components have been created and offered for entertainment and informational purposes only; Marmosetic Wolves and Helena Ortiz shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness, or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

This site and its components have been created and offered as another experiential look. Any tips, views or commentary provided are therefore the opinions or outlook of the owner of this website and the entertainment created or information transmitted. As opinions and facts vary based on experience and information, the views expressed on this website shall be thought of as opinions and not facts. Whether or not you react to, agree with, act on, or engage with these opinions is up to each viewer of this website and not Marmosetic Wolves itself or Helena Ortiz herself.

Intellectual Property Rights

All other intellectual property, such as videos, audio files, other artwork, etcetera are property of Helena Ortiz. The intellectual property that is not Helena Ortiz's, such as stock photos used to create covers, all have the Creative Commons license attached to them. That means they are free to use and free to not need to be attributed to a person or website.

Intellectual property submitted to Marmosetic Wolves remains the property of their respective owners.

If other websites or articles are quoted, especially in the improv pieces such as the videos, please provide her with either the link or your own words so we can continue to share this ongoing and growing conversation that must continue to grow in order for personal and generational growth.



When creating an advertisement, Marmosetic Wolves will provide, to the greatest of our capability, accurate information promoting the product being promoted. If the accuracy of that product's information is inaccurate, the information will continue to be updated to stay true to our goal of transparency.

There is a possibility of payment from advertisers or other companies when discussing products and their affects or uses. However, because of how and why Marmosetic Wolves was born, we take our reputation, commitment to personal truths, and credibility seriously. Therefore, we only endorse products we have personally tried and fallen in love with based on who we are.


Data and Privacy

Marmosetic Wolves is in no way responsible for data breaches that happen to the services we use, and we shall not be held accountable for data loss or theft done to these services. We are responsible for marmoseticwolves.org, and therefore held liable for the data we ourselves collect, and your privacy and protection on this specific website.

Fraud, theft, plagiarism and hacking is a widespread occurence throughout the world. This means that, in order for us to be safe, we must first keep only the information necessary to keep the website running. This is why Marmosetic Wolves collects what it collects.

It's why privatizing our domain was one of the most important things we could do. Even if we recognize which rights we're giving up, and how we're protecting our own, personal information, it's in protecting our information that also protects you. Our information, because it's directly tied to this website, if purchasing a private domain was not kept private, would give everyone (and anyone) access to your personal information as well. This is because of how open and unguarded the website information is left without the privatized domain.

It does not only provide us with spammers and having our private information be known, but it also makes our users unsafe. In privatizing our domain, we're able to keep at least certain information more private than we would have been otherwise.

Data and Privacy

Your information will never be sold to a third party or be shared to a third party. The only time information will be shared through a third party is when you purchase from the e-store, which is set up through Stripe (which is like PayPal).


Delivering Goods

As the goods delivered are all electronic, they will be available for download as soon as they’re purchased. You will either be sent a link, or the item will download immediately. Marmosetic Wolves uses this website and Apple Books to sell and deliver our goods, but forgetting or neglecting to download an item will render the link useless. If this happens, as the goods have already been delivered, it is up to you to complete the transaction. If the transaction has not been completed, it is your choice whether to repurchase or not.

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