To start, I'm a self published poet and short story writer, surrealist artist, and electro industrial musician. There are other arts I practice, but those arts will be added as I create.

Now, for the next part of 'Who Am I?' Exactly, what are my credentials -- because in this day and age, anyone can be self-published. That's kind of the point.

Before I learned how to read and write, I would dictate stories to my mother. She was my scribe. I remember sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast, telling her ghost, werewolf, and vampire stories. My favorites were always those about werewolves. 


When learning how to read in kindergarten, my stories began to reflect what I was reading. I learned world-building from Harry Potter. I learned how to incorporate twists into stories through Goosebumps books. As storytelling surrounded me through the media, specifically through movies such Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining, I grew into having my own voice. 

When I was seven years old, my father bought me my first laptop — floppy discs included. My parents supported my writing before anyone else did. The rest of my family thought it was a phase… or wanted to push me into a ‘real job’. 

I had it in my head until I went off to college, signing away my life to get a BA in Writing, that I wanted to become a doctor like my father. It took waking up one morning and missing my early morning writing session for me to realize that his life could never be for me. The best part was that there was no grievance over that. He wanted me to be an artist. I was lucky.

Who Am I?

When it was time to apply to colleges two years later, I applied to both Wells College and Ithaca College, getting into both. I chose Ithaca College for a Writing major, but left it incomplete with nine credits left until graduation due to a couple of traumatic events. At least I completed my minor in art history when I was there.

My education may not have given me a degree, but jumping from art to art gave me the ability to wear numerous hats at once. Many will say that being a jack of all trades isn’t as good as being a master of one… but, that’s not nearly as much fun, is it?

At nine years old, I began writing lyrics and melodies. The first song I was ever proud of had lyrics that sang,

“Running, running, running round and round

Let’s go cover some more ground

If you see it, creeping alive

Let’s go cut it down to size

‘Cause demons and dungeons spinning around

Let’s go cover some more ground.”

At ten years old, I spent my first of two summers at The Hangar Theater, learning stage combat, singing, dancing, acting, prop and costume creation, and learning how to audition for a role.

When I was fourteen, I learned that I really sucked at guitar… and spent a year doing lessons that turned into two years of me really sucking at the guitar. I left it for the piano, an instrument I loved instantly, but I had to practice on a synthesizer or go over to my father’s to practice the piano.

Also at fourteen, I spent the summer in a fourteen-week course at The Actor’s Workshop learning the Meisner technique. 

At sixteen, I started voice lessons with a local voice teacher, keeping the notes he’d give me at the end of each lesson. I have the notes to this day, practicing with them, even though he’s no longer my voice teacher. My singing voice turned into one of my most valuable assets. 

At about this time, I had also been fiddling around with Apple’s Garageband. 

At the same time, I decided to start drawing. 

Building corner with spider web and dirt for poetry collection I AM DIRT

My third poetry book.

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