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Life, for most of us, is a long, epic tale from birth to death. A story is a snapshot of whoever’s life or lives it’s focused on.

For romance, it’s the love between two or more characters. For horror, it’s the meeting of monsters and inevitable deaths of one or more characters. For a dystopian tale, it’s the takedown of an obtrusive and oppressive government — kind of like the dystopia we’re living in now.


These are only archetypical plot points, but every plot point is a fraction of an entire character’s lifetime. Because of this, and all of the ideas we could have, our minds can become ‘blocked’. Rather than inventing new ideas, we can become stuck for days, months, or even years.

This is where situational prompts become handy.


I noticed that when I jotted down lists of story ideas at a time, there was far less of a likelihood that I’d get stuck. Having a writer’s block occurred less and less often, as long as I did ‘idea dumps’ whenever they began to feel necessary.

This activity creates so many extra ideas, that sharing them was the only thing that

made sense. Here, they’re all shown as a list, from oldest to newest. They can also be found on the Marmosetic Wolves’s Pinterest page, listed from newest to oldest.

I behoove you to create your own ‘idea dump’ lists as well. Hopefully, they will help you as much as they’ve helped me, if not more.


This list will always be here, and will continue to grow, just in case you feel you need some help.


1. Write about a food being eaten from the food’s perspective.

2. Write a story comprised entirely of letters.

3. Write a story comprised entirely of journal entries.

4. Write without using the letter ‘e’.

5. Write in second person.

6. Write a story comprised only of setting.

7. Write from the point of view of an animal. Extra points if the reader doesn’t know the narrator is an animal.


8. Write a guilt trip as a physical, not emotional, event.


9. Write a story in reverse.


10. Write a story  from the POV of an AI about its creator and the relationship with its creator.


11. Write about three people playing a cursed paranormal game.


12. Write about four characters getting sucked into a video game.


13. Write about a child’s doll which behaves as their conduit.


14. Write about someone controlling the weather, either with their emotions or with magic.


15. Write about a ghost on an international space station.


16. Write about a fake city and its empty buildings, along with the secrets it tries to hide.


17. Write a story from Santa Claus’s perspective about his shadow, Krampus.


18. Write about three people who all hate each other getting trapped in an elevator overnight.


19. Write about a weapon being used to kill someone through the weapon’s perspective… and it feels guilty.


20. Write about a singer who slits her own throat because she can no longer sing.


21. Write about a made-up weather condition and how it affects the earth and its population. For example, raining balls of fire, a fog that burns people’s skin, etc.


22. Write about a natural disaster from the weather’s point of view.


23. Write about a secret room and what’s inside. How do your characters react?


24. Write about a group of people doing an extreme sport… and it going wrong.


25. Write about a haunted rental… whether it’s a car, a boat, or a house.


26. Create a nursery rhyme. Write a story surrounding that nursery rhyme.


27. Write a character’s thought process as they’re drowning.


28. Write about Galentine’s Day from the point of view of a man whose girlfriend recently broke up with him.


29. Write about a family who adopts a pet and how the pet acclimates.


30. Choose a fairytale. Modernize it.


31. Write about a character who has an allergic reaction and dies (or almost dies).


32. Write about a wedding where the groom (or bride) doesn’t show.


33. Write about a shipwreck from the point of view of the ship.


34. Write about your character getting lost in a maze.


35. Write about a piece of art that comes alive when the artist is not around.


36. Write about a songwriter who writes jingles for commercials and one jingle that was banned because of content.


37. Write about someone who sleeps through a natural disaster.


38. Write about an ophthalmologist who blinds his patients instead of giving them sight.


39. Write about someone who has a guided journal and the guided journal sucks the life out of them. Write it as though the main character is descending into madness.


40. Write about someone who has decided to give blood, but everyone who has been given their blood takes on their worst personality traits.


41. Write about a dog who is trained to sniff out diseases from the dog’s point of view.


42. Write about a harbinger of death through the eyes of someone who died.


43. Write a story about an old pair of shoes from the shoes’s perspective.


44. Write about a duffel bag that can fit anything and the day the bag breaks.


45. Write about a small, quiet town and the secrets it keeps in order to stay quiet.


46. Write about a haunted movie theater.


47. Write about a child getting lost in an airport.


48. Write about knocking on the wrong door at a hotel… and the repercussions.


49. Write about a man who has pica, and his growing, lethal love of eating non-food items.


50. Write about a house that was burned down as soon as it was rebuilt.


51. Write about being locked in a port-o-potty.


52. Write about a failing restaurant.


53. Write about mass murder through food poisoning.


54. Write a horror story about the girl who doesn’t want an ‘apple pie life’.


55. Write about the werewolf who bites a vampire, or the vampire who is bitten by a werewolf.


56. Write about a murder inside of a building supply store.


57. Write about a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant. Bonus points if the child isn’t human.


58. Write about an animal breeder who breeds cannibalistic humans.


59. Write about the girl who gets on the wrong bus, ending up in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone signal.


60. Write about a radio that plays songs that depict the protagonist’s future.


61. Write about a parasite on someone’s chin that’s thought to be a zit until it’s too late.


62. Write about a caterpillar that turns into a human.


63. Write about a human training a monkey to kill other humans.


64. Write about a serial killer who turns out to be a domesticated tabby cat.


65. Write about a plastic surgeon who disfigures his patients rather than beautifying them.


66. Write about a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis to create serial killers.


67. Write about a CEO who’s a serial killer at night.

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