Writer's Life

Every writer has their own ways of creating what they love to create. These are some tidbits that Helena Ortiz has discovered, uncovered, and has found handy during her creative adventures.

Being Prompted

As long as I did ‘idea dumps’, writer's block stopped. I behoove you to make you own lists, but these are here for your use if you don't.

Character Work

Characters are the most important part of any tale. They’re the driving force behind what happened, or is going to happen, in a novel, short story, film....

Each brain child of a writer is unique in their own ways, all with flaws and redeeming qualities. Here are ten exercises to flesh them out.

An exploration of how to make a three-dimensional ghost story through character work rather than plot.

Harnessing Creativity

Most believe creativity is something you either have or don't. Many believe you cannot teach it, but everything can be taught. Are you ready to learn?

In order to understand how to create productive creativity, we first have to understand one of the largest culprits squashing it: trigger warnings.

2020 Marmosetic Wolves

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